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Nexus Select Trust IPO – Full Review

Nexus Select Trust’s IPO is available from May 9 to May 11. Let’s know in detail about this IPO and company, so you can decide whether you can invest in this IPO or not…

What does Nexus Select Trust do?

So, first of all, we will see about the company.

Well, Nexus Select REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) is India’s leading consumption center platform provider and owner of high-quality consumption center infrastructure assets. The REIT’s portfolio has 17 Grade-A urban consumption centers in 14 leading cities and a total leasable area of 9.2 million square feet. Nexus Select Trust primarily deals with consumption centers and holds India’s largest consumption centers’ portfolio, with an average of 96.2% committed occupancy as of December 31, 2022. It currently has a tenant base of 1,044 domestic and 2,893 international brand stores. Interestingly, this company is backed by Blackstone, the world’s largest alternative asset manager, which invests in different industries. Blackstone’s share will decrease after the IPO (60 to 43%)
Nexus number of Properties:
– Industrial (82 properties out of which 3 co-owned)
Office (13 properties out of which 9 are co-owned)
– Retail (17 properties out of which 16 are co-owned)

Nexus Select Trust IPO details of the company

This is India’s first REIT – Real Estate Investment Trust is about to launch its IPO. The total issue size of the IPO is Rs 3,200 crore out of which 1,800 crore is offered for sale. The price range of IPO is Rs 95 to Rs 100 and the price of 1 Lot is Rs. 15,000. You can take this IPO till May 11th and the listing date is May 19th.
Nexus Select Trust IPO
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Company’s IPO Objective:

  • Repayment (partial or full)
  • Acquisition
  • Corporate Expenses (general)

Do you want to invest in this IPO?

Nexus Select Trust IPO
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According to Angel One, there are many reasons that can be considered.
● Company’s commercial space is in prime cities like Navi Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad.
● Growth of retail commerce is also expected in the face of rapid urbanization.
● Apart from this, the company has given a mixed portfolio – like complimentary hotels and teen office assets.
● This company does not have a competitive listed peer

Now let’s see the financials of the company

Company’s strengths:
Consumption center is the largest portfolio holding company – 96.2%
The business is well supported by a healthy mix of tenants
Stabilized portfolio of assets
Before investing in this IPO, you will have to understand the REIT model of business.
Debt situations can affect the cash flow of the company.

Nexus Select Trust Offer Latter (Click Her To View Pdf)

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