Ondoor Concepts IPO Review (Updated)

Ondoor Concepts IPO GMP Lot Size, Open Date, Price Band, Allotment Date Review

The Ondoor Concepts IPO is an e-commerce website that sells groceries and home essentials, Ondoor Concepts IPO opens on Monday, October 23, 2023, and closes on Friday, October 27, 2023. Ondoor Concepts IPO is an NSE SME IPO. The IPO opened for subscription on October 23, 2023, and closed on October 27, 2023.  The IPO is priced at ₹208 per equity share. The IPO is raising ₹31.18 Crores. The IPO is entirely a fresh issue of 14.99 lakh shares. 

OnDoor Concepts IPO: Fixed Price of ₹208 per Share

The Ondoor Concepts IPO price band has been fixed at ₹208 per share. This means that investors can bid for shares at this price or lower.

Ondoor Concepts IPO: Face Value

Ondoor Concepts IPO has a face value of Rs 10 per equity share.


The face value of a share is the nominal value of the share as determined by the company. It is the minimum price at which a company can issue a share. In the case of Ondoor Concepts IPO, the face value of each share is Rs. 10.

However, the issue price of the IPO is fixed at Rs. 208 per share, which is a premium of 20.8 times over the face value. This means that investors will have to pay Rs. 208 for each share of Ondoor Concepts.

On door Concepts IPO: Issue Price

The issue price of Ondoor Concepts IPO is Rs 208, which is 20.8 times the face value of the share.

On door Concepts IPO: Allotment Date

The IPO allotment for On Door Concepts is expected to be completed on Wednesday, November 1, 2023.

On Door Concepts IPO Listing Date

On Door Concepts’ IPO will be listed on the NSE SME on Monday, November 6, 2023.

Ondoor Concepts IPO Lot Size

The minimum number of shares that can be applied for in the Ondoor Concepts IPO is 600 shares. This is known as the lot size. This means that the minimum investment amount for retail investors is ₹124,800 (600 shares x ₹208 per share). HNI investors can apply for a minimum of 2 lots (1,200 shares) for a total investment of ₹249,600.
On door Concepts IPO Lot Size

Ondoor Concepts IPO Valuation Details FY2023

Earning Per Share (EPS): ₹56.77
Price-to-Earning Ratio (P/E Ratio): 3.66
Return on Net Worth (RoNW): 25.51%
Net Asset Value (NAV): ₹132.50 cr

Ondoor Concepts IPO: Lot Size, Open Date, Price Band, GMP, Allotment Date, Ondoor Concepts IPO grey market premium (GMP) Valuation

On door Concepts IPO grey market premium (GMP)

The GMP for On Door Concepts IPO is currently ₹25, which means that investors are willing to pay ₹25 for every share of Ondoor Concepts above the IPO issue price of ₹208. This indicates that there is a strong demand for Ondoor Concepts shares in the grey market.

Please note that the on door concepts ipo GMP is not a reliable indicator of the listing price of a stock. The listing price can be higher or lower than the GMP, depending on the demand for the stock on the listing day.

Financial Details & Insights of Ondoor Concepts

Ondoor Concepts is a private limited company incorporated in 2014. The company has an authorized share capital of Rs. 30 crore and a paid-up capital of Rs. 20 crore. As of March 31, 2021, the company’s balance sheet showed total assets of Rs. 30 crore and total liabilities of Rs. 20 crore.

The company’s revenue has grown steadily over the past few years. In the financial year 2020-21, the company’s revenue was Rs. 25 crore, up from Rs. 20 crore in the previous year. The company’s profit before tax (PBT) was Rs. 5 crore in the financial year 2020-21, up from Rs. 4 crore in the previous year.

Ondoor Concepts is a well-funded company with a strong financial performance. The company has a healthy balance sheet and a growing revenue and profit. The company is well-positioned for further growth in the coming years.

Ondoor company works

Ondoor Concepts is an e-commerce venture that provides your daily household needs at your doorstep. We offer a wide range of products, including groceries, vegetables, fruits, household items, personal care products, and more. Our motto is to “Create value for our customers to build an ever-lasting relationship.” We offer unbeatable prices and discounts, along with fast and timely home delivery.

Ondoor Concepts Contact Information

Address: First Floor, Phoenix Corporate Park, Hoshangabad Road, Opposite Vrindavan Garden, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462026, India

Phone: 7024505050

You can also contact Ondoor Concepts through their website or mobile app.

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